Salvation And Righteousness Part 3 

Understanding how the grace of God has gifted us with God’s righteousness is the master key for joy and freedom. How? By bringing us face to face with the good-news, of the gospel. And it’s the good-news that has the capacity to explode hope, freedom, joy in our hearts.

You are saved by grace, through Christ’s work and nothing else at all. Galatians 1v4. From first to last it's God’s doing. His call, His plan, His action, His work. Surely that’s too good to be true? That’s why it’s called good news.

DIY Righteousness to merit favour through keeping ruins everything that the gift of righteousness seeks to provide. (You weren’t strong enough to begin it. You cannot complete it. Legalism is a recipe for misery). The message of the book of Galatians is: Jesus plus anything ruins everything. Galatians 5v3. Legalism is a crazy exchange: first hand encounter for rules. The enemy will do anything to get you to look away from God.

Jamie Lee, 15/07/2014