Salvation and Rightoeusness Part 2 See And Hear 

ACTS 8:4 The Kingdom of God is release through a demonstration of power that leads to righteousness and great joy. Philip preached the message of Christ, made a proclamation, they heard the message and saw the demonstration, the signs, the they paid close attention to what He said. if we want to get the attention of the people around us we have to come with an exhibition of power. 


It can’t just be an idea a philosophy, just a social service provision/structure, its got to have power, the presence of God with it. With the presence of God comes the programmes, the strategy, and the structure to serve what God is doing. When they heard and saw they experienced transformation. Demonic oppression was broken, and righteousness established in the context of proclamation, power, and demonstration. Heaven’s reality was established in peoples bodies. There was great joy in that city.

Jamie Lee, 15/07/2014