salvation & righteousness Part 1 

The Pressure Is Off


Lovers get more done than workers. Fundamentally we are called to drink in His goodness and leak His goodness everywhere we go. For us to become bringers of good news we must have fresh encounters with the love and passion of Jesus. For us to effectively communicate Jesus and the gospel it must be life to us first. Breath in His love, kindness and goodness then exhale that reality where ever we go.

“The Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy “to do the work of an evangelist”  What hinders us from doing the work of the evangelist is the sense of pressure to "sell Jesus" and become like some sort of car sales person. God is calling us to lose the stereotype of what being evangelistic looks like, and step out of the box and be ourself. The pressure is off.


There’s no pressure on us, we don’t have to do anything, we don’t have to get them to pray a prayer, all we have to do is to get them to taste Jesus (Psalm 34) if they taste him enough they will become an ‘addict’ of his goodness. Our job is to get them to taste Jesus, because once they have tasted Him they will never be the same again.

This is very freeing, it takes away the pressure, only having one expectation to give them a taste. “But don’t you want to see them saved?” “yes, but we can live with low expectations” a simple expectation is to do our job, to give them a taste, I know if they taste enough they will never be the same.


Many people try to muster up enough courage to share Christ with others, to prophesy, and to heal the sick. When we keep things simple, with our motivation being love, that love will open the door for other miraculous things to take place in and through our lives. Chris Overstreet

Jamie Lee, 08/07/2014