Releasing The Supernatural Part 3 

What are we are doing as a church to develop a culture that releases the supernatural? 

Not By Works:- It’s not trying harder to be supernatural by the Flesh. This is the topic of Galatians 3. Not just you trying harder, but action and activity flowing from a transformed Worldview. We simply believe by faith. The renewed mind is like the river banks, with the river flowing with the ‘gift of faith’ If you want to do something different you have to believe different and subsequently act differently. What we really believe is seen in our action.  Out of a transformed mind, out of knowing our position with God, action and activity will flow naturally supernaturally. It's not that hard to be anointed, even a handkerchief can do it (Acts 19) More you believe the more you will experience. 

Risk:- To steward what we already process requires us to position ourselves to take risks. How do you know you carry something if you don’t risk releasing it? When you are faithful with what you currently have, the Lord entrusts you with more. Learn to take risk in a safe environment then your confidence will grow in public. Take steps here to grow in healing and the prophetic give words of knowledge or prophesy over your friends. Come to a CCK encounter Evening where you can learn to discern and hear His voice.

Don’t be afraid to fail:-  This is one of the main reasons why many people never see the power of God demonstrated in their life. They are frozen by the thought, “What if I step out and nothing happens?” This fear must be overcome. Conquer this fear. Many times the results we are seeking are on the other side of persistence. John Wimber prayed for a 1,000 people before he saw his first breakthrough in healing. The more we take risks and God shows up in answer to our prayers, the more we will mature into expressing a supernatural lifestyle.

Need to practice listening, releasing the supernatural in situations that are “not life and death”. If you really want to grow you have to be ok with mistakes. That’s how kids grow in school. Be ok exploring/experimenting with other believers. See the gathered church as the school for growing in the Spirit. Often he is speaking and we are not picking it up. Often our thoughts are actually the Holy Spirit. Begin to risk releasing what you hear, see, and experience.
Jamie Lee, 24/06/2014