the Normal Christian Life 

If you have any doubts or question about Releasing the Supernatural, just read the book of Acts. Acts is the normal Christian life. The more we immerse ourselves in His normal the more we will experience. Here's a summary of some of what happened....

Acts 1   -   The disciples are talking to angels

Acts 2   -   They hear wind, they see fire above heads, they speak in tongues, and appear drunk

Acts 4   -   They are having a prayer meeting and have their own private earth quake, get filled with the Holy Spirit, and receive fresh boldness.

Acts 5   -   They notice that Peter’s shadow heals people

Acts 7   -   Stephen see’s the Heaven’s open and see’s Jesus

Acts 8   -   Philip goes to Samaria, a revival and great joy breaks out.

Acts 8   -   Philip is instantly transported after sharing the gospel with the Ethiopian. 

Acts 9   -   Saul sees a light, is blinded, has an encounter with Jesus.

Acts 10  -   Peter falls into a trance, sees a sheet coming  down and hears a voice “rise up…” There is interaction with God within the trance.

Acts 10  -   Cornelius has an angelic encounter

Acts 12  -   Peter is in jail and an angel releases him

Acts 16  -   Paul and Silas are in a jail worshipping at mid-night, there’s an earth quake, and all the chains fall supernaturally off.

Acts 19  -   Handkerchief’s and aprons have an anointing upon them, to such a level people touched them and got healed.

Acts 20  -   Paul a prisoner, is bitten by a poisonous snake, and nothing happens to him

Jamie Lee, 17/06/2014