Releasing The Supernatural 

Releasing the Supernatural is more than just experiencing a realm that we cannot see. It’s more than us enjoying the thrill of being used by God. It is about walking in the faith and understanding that our role on this planet is to release our experience and faith to others. Ultimately releasing the supernatural is about loving people well. Faith works through love. 

Healing, prophetic ministry, and signs and wonders are all extremely exhilarating. Most importantly though, as healing’s and prophecy begin to flow, it is crucial we contend for love to remain the core reason and motivation for ministering in power. Galatians 5:6 tells us that faith works through love. Faith to demonstrate the power of God flows through love. The Kingdom we represent is founded in love and we are called to display it not only in word—but also in power (1 Corinthians 4:20). Signs and wonders are to point people toward a greater reality—the extravagant love of God.  Must ground all our supernatural activity in love, otherwise healing becomes just another fad that’s fun temporarily, but with no lasting affect. 

Our vision is to see people serve and walk in power, healing and the prophetic, especially outside the church, in the work place, in the streets of Plumstead.  We are stirred to impact our city, our communities. We have a passion to see SE18 and the surrounding communities saturated in the glory of God, people surrendering their lives to Jesus, and the culture reflecting the Kingdom of God. 

This shift in thinking requires a different set of tools, we are going to have do things we have never done before. To get something you have never had, you to do something you have never done.

Releasing the supernatural is to be part of our normal Christian life. It’s part of every believer’s assignment to invade the impossible with the limitless resources of heaven. Notice the Bible calls us believers. Jesus said these are the signs that will follow those who believe. If you have any doubts or question about Releasing the Supernatural, just read the book of Acts. Acts is the normal Christian life. The more we immerse ourselves in His normal the more we will experience. 

Jamie Lee, 17/06/2014