Revelation And The Word Part 2

Scripture proclaims the truth about: God.  He is good, holy, gracious, and merciful. God’s continuing love. Humanity.  Man’s creation, his fall through disobedience, alienated from God the Father. Salvation. Restored identity, inherence, calling and commission. God so loved the world he sent Jesus to pull down the dividing wall through the cross that pays our debt. Man’s rescue from guilt and alienation. Evil. Tells us there is Satan and his demons who try to make the worst seem the best, who accuses the saints. But he who is in us is greater, and he can be resisted through submission to God. Judgement. Humanity will be judged according to how they responded to Jesus Christ. Rewards. The Christian will be rewards for what they did here on earth. Eternity. God placed eternity in men and women’s hearts, people instinctively know that death is unnatural. There will be a new heaven and new earth for those who are in Christ to enjoy, and those who reject Christ the terrible reality of hell.

The Believer is Not simply called to fulfil a duty towards the Bible, like ticking a box when we have read a chapter etc. Must allow the word of God to have this teaching application in our lives coming under its authority, reading it from the place of trust and surrender.

Sometimes as we read the bible, we may feel tempted to draw back from its correction. We may argue with its teaching, resent its discipline, or question its assertions, when we feel these reactions we know that it is God searching us. At times like these, growth happens as we stop and examine not only God’s word but also our response to it.

Why are we feeling upset or challenged?  Why is the bible affecting us in a particular way?  What specific attitudes or behaviours is it addressing? Christianity isn’t just about not doing certain things, it is also about the call to embrace a new way of life.Not just about correction but about commissioning us to a life of impact and power. 
Jamie Lee, 10/06/2014