Revelation And The Word Part 1

In 2 Timothy 3:14-17 Paul reminds Timothy of the wonderful resource and gift the bible is to us.  It is precious because it was inspired by God himself, (it has divine origin) Not dictated: Each writer contributed their unique style and personality.  Their word’s were their own, yet they were from God. Not a mixture: It is not a mixture of divine truth and human error.  The bible is without error. A miracle: God sovereignty ordered the events and thoughts so that men spoke His word in a manner that reflected their background and personality while being free from error.  It is this miracle that makes the bible unique

It is true that our outlook, how we view ourselves, others, God, how we spend our time, money, use our talent’s, how we determine our priorities is shaped or moulded by something. If our thinking is primarily and fundamentally moulded by something other than God, His Word and His promises, we will find ourselves full of uncertainty, fears and pressures, the result will be a life full of uncertainty that leads to manifestations like anxiety, anger and depression, selfishness, discontentment

But if it’s God’s word that is shaping us then as we order our lives around its teaching, through the empowerment of the Spirit we will enjoy the peace and goodness that it brings.
Jamie Lee, 10/02/2019