Kingdom Culture:- The World Within 

Knowing intellectually that God loves us, and experiencing His love for us are two different things. Kingdom life, flows directly from knowing God personally. Our experiential relationship with God is the master key to life, joy, hope and peace.

It is in coming to know Him that we come to know who we are, what our purpose in life is, and how to walk it out.
Fundamental to us becoming the people he has called us to be is to experiencing/grasping the reality of spiritual adoption. To embrace the full implications of the gospel, the reality of what restored relationship has established. 

No matter what you say you believe about God, the gospel, you and I will reproduce around us what we really believe on the inside. You can say one thing, but what people experience around us is what we really think and believe on the inside. Our internal world will eventually come out. The intimacy we enjoy or don’t access will be manifest in what is reproduced around us. 

Anxiety and fear are evidence that we have an inferior/faulty view of the Father, believing that activity/provision/planning/self protection is what is holding us on track. The antidote is to experience His love, because perfect love casts out all fear.

Jamie Lee, 15/04/2014