Lent Negativity Fast Week 2 

A help to do this fast successfully – Take time during this negativity fast to be still while listening to worship music. 

Here's a helpful explanation of what that looks like from Wendy Backlund, the co-author of Ignitng Faith In 40 Days

Wendy Backlund writes:-  I am passionate about encouraging people to add "soaking prayer" to their pursuit of God.

Soaking prayer adds a new dimension to our relationship with the Father. It is not about talking to Him, but about listening, and experiencing Him. Soaking prayer is based on a belief system that God is supernatural and wishes to relate to His children in supernatural ways. Soaking prayer is about receiving supernatural impartation, revelation and visions. This is not a time for correction from the Holy Spirit. It is a time of intimacy. Come by the blood of the Lamb, knowing that He can talk to you later about issues needing to be taken care of. He desires a time to love on us and strengthen us with His Presence. Human relationships need this also, where we get together just to have fun and fellowship. Problems or issues are shelved for later, at the appropriate time. 

The goal is to get over our addiction to words and allow God to speak to us, "Spirit to spirit." There should be no striving or begging for Him to come. By faith believe that as you sit in His Presence, He is there. Receive - just like you do at the gas pump (filling up on an unseen substance that is valuable). Whether you "see or hear" something is not necessarily important, but by faith believe that you "soaked" up the substance of His Glory. 

Our bodies are like the anointed handkerchief in Acts 19 that healed people. We soak up His substance and it permeates our physical body. I recommend worship as a gateway into His presence. As you worship, feel free to use your sanctified imagination to picture the Throne Room, Heaven and the unseen realm. Allow yourself to "go" with any vision or thought that is from the unseen realm of God's Kingdom. 

Hab. 2:1  "I will watch and 'see' what the Lord will 'say.'" Unconsciously we limit God from speaking to us because we are straining to hear words. Habakkuk understood that God wasn't limited to speaking with language. I believe that sitting quietly is key for building a relationship with God. In the stillness of our soul, His Presence speaks. While we are waiting for Him to speak to our mind, He is waiting for an opportunity to speak to our heart. 

Often I have to verbally take my thoughts captive unto Christ and actively receive the substance of His presence and peace to flow through my soul and spirit. Experiencing peace, not having Him tell me is what peace is. It is in this place of rest that my spirit receives revelation rather than information. To grow into maturity, we must know God the Father more intimately. Our highest call is to not teach about God but to reveal Him. Unless we experience and soak up His presence, our relationship becomes cerebral rather than actual. We know about it, but we can't live in it.
Jamie Lee, 18/03/2014