A Multi-Generational Family

The ‘juice’ that flows within us, will flow between us. Freedom from; Control, Comparison, Competition, Performance. A multi-generation family, that wants to see every age group grow, mature, and succeed. Champions, and celebrates.
Jesus lived beyond just seeing his ministry He saw his mission as having a multi-generational impact. John 17:20  Acts 2:38  Hebrews 11:39.

Jesus set His friends up for success. He lived and taught and demonstrated the Kingdom. Then He commissioned, poured into empowered, them. Rejoiced at their success. Sets us up with inheritance. Free, Jesus paid the price for it.
Orphans only think about the next meal, a limited poverty mindset. Limited scope, aims and goals. Just my ministry, my impact, my reputation. Just me, the now.  Foolish James 4:14
Must deal with our own insecurities (let others in). You must be healed up relationally so others can go further.
My ceiling is your platform, your starting point. (pouring in) Establishing the new normal. Spiritual sons and daughters  Leaving an inheritance. Pay a price to increase what you were given for free.

Jamie Lee, 20/09/2013