Kingdom Culture: Spiritual Adoption Part One

Jesus hasn’t just come to show us the theory of being free but has come to actually set us free and make us free. You can be free!
Freedom flows being free from the wounds and lies. Mindsets that come from our time as spiritual orphans.
Genesis 3, Sin:- Hiding, fear, sent out from. Leading to orphans/orphan planet: self made, independent self-protecting, feeling abandoned, alone, afraid. Striving to find an identity. (significance, value, worth)
Jesus came to deal with sin that created distance, that we might receive adoption (Romans 8:17 Gal 4:4-5) (not earn, produce, merit, deserve but receive). Parents adopt children, they initiate, choose, graft in.
You can say one thing, sing the songs, know the verses but Knowing that God loves us, and experiencing His love for us are two different things.
The freedom you really enjoy and what people experience around you is what you really think and believe on the inside.
Our assignment is to bring cultural transformation: Heaven’s culture on earth. Our internal world will eventually leak out. Fundamental to this is a shift. Grasping our identity.
Holy Spirit inside: (Spirit of Adoption) Abiding replaces striving
Enjoying replaces earning, loved replaces longing, freedom kicks out slavery, and dependence replaces self-reliance. Held onto replaces holding on. External priorities (comparison, competition) replaced by internal desires. Contentment replaces envy.
1 John 4:18 Love chases away fear, you don’t need to fight the fear, receive the love. Feed on His Love. Orphan’s often live dominated by a fear of lack, son’s anticipate provision, protection.
Jamie Lee, 11/09/2013