The Gift Of Authority

Mark 6:7-13 Authority: At our wedding John Biville prophesied about Going for the miraculous. I loved that word but I never mixed it with faith. Seemed too incredible for me.


Then in 2007 Julian Adams prophesied over me the same thing.  Go for the miraculous Now!


Now God had my attention, I believed Him. But I didn’t know where to start. So I made the classic mistake I thought this calling was a work. Something I had to generate, earn or produce.


Christianity is either perfectly easy or perfectly impossible. Too many have a works-orientated Christianity. Rather I can do nothing. Either take ourselves or God seriously


Jesus’ intention was always to equip, release, commission His friends to do what He had been doing. Mark 1:17 I will make…


But before being sent he called them to be with Him. Mark 3:13. Faith grows in the soil of intimacy. Because Faith rests in his character.


APPLICATION: Ultimately the work He has called us to is to believe, to rest to trust in Him


Now Jesus calls and He gives them the unmerited, unworked for gift of authority


The right, the power, to command and release heaven’s reality Captives free, cast out demons, heal the sick.


So they went out: they put the AUTHORITY to work, they took action. Authority is released through faith.


Calls us to Obedience based on faith. God loves it when we take action because we believe we carry His authority. Crossing our own chicken line. Application something to believe, before it’s something we do.


And NOT just when we feel His presence.


It’s like when someone qualifies to be a Highway patrol Police Officer. They are given authority. Not dependent on how they feel, or a right state of mind. Or a mood they are in.


Like Thursday man with cancer. In His authority we can speak to the sickness. We can make declarations


Exercising this authority is something we grow into, There’s a process, like getting fit at the gym. “I can grow” Little, weak, strong, great. Great faith is not for the superstars


We don’t ask our girls to manage all the finances of our household, but we release to them a measure of authority to manage.


The resources of heaven are limitless. And if He released it all into our account it would crush us.


On holiday a lady sat on a chair and the chair completely collapsed. It could not carry her because it was faulty.


The anointing, AUTHORITY, rests on the legs of character. The level of our character will determine the level of the authority we can carry. PURITY + POWER


APPLICATION: Regular times of personal encounters with the Holy Spirit in order to be empowered through intimacy to live in purity.


He is releasing a growing measure of heaven’s authority into the CCK bank account. He calls us to manage well the authority he has given, living to the standard of breakthrough/authority we have previously experienced.


Rest for the sleepless, pain leaving backs, increased mobility, healing, broken fingers pain released, financial breakthrough and provision, jobs falling in laps. Headaches healed, prophetic dreams of breakthrough. Emotions healed.








Jamie Lee, 08/05/2012