Life Flows Through Honour



Jesus comes home after these two ‘high point’ miracles. At first they are astonished by his wisdom and his works. But then they stumbled they had known him since childhood so there’s questions. Then more derogatory, diminishing, harmful, rejecting questions is not Jesus a simple carpenter, son of Mary.


Questions leading to Resentment, displeasure, they felt offended, none of this adds up. He has huge power, great, wisdom, and they stumbled over his very simple origins this can’t be happening not through him. This resentment became unbelief, they switched off their heart, we can’t we won’t receive from Him.


Jesus isn’t accepted he is thrown back, rejected. Dis-honour stemmed the flow. He could not do because they would not honour would not believe and receive from Him.


God’s grace flows to us through honour. A lack of honour stems, when people live scared of one another’s differences.

Where people get offended by who God uses. Stumbling over a person’s background, culture, denomination, gender, class, education, nationality, Age etc. We miss the grace people carry.


You only find this call and empowering to one-ness in the Kingdom. LIFE FLOWS THROUGH HONOUR: And Diversity gives us a rich flow.


Honour is not Just being nice or polite to each other, that’s not the goal, that’s not necessarily honour. They could of been silent towards Jesus and still received nothing. Honour changes how relationships work.


It’s the key to helping people get along with one another and receive from one another. Giving and receiving strength from one another. Honour involves treating one another according to the name and identity God has given them as son’s and daughters, princes and princesses. You are a person God chose, empowered to have an impact.


You have something I don’t have, and I need what you have. It might be just embryonic in you but I’m going to call out the gold in you. I can become more because of you, your background, your history. I celebrate you. I celebrate your strength. You are amazing.


Honour enables us to receive people’s diverse annointings, gifting, character, background gifting. It allows us to benefit from people who don’t think and see the world like us.


Honour produces a safe place and People blossom where they feel safe. Honour dismantles fear. Honour helps us take the mask off. To be real to be authentic. Honour dismantles inferiority complexes. I know who I am, I know who you are

Honour builds a bridge to confront one another in love. You could be more. You are royalty why are you acting like you are nothing?














Jamie Lee, 01/05/2012