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The album “Home” is a collection of songs written between 2008 and 2012. It captures Rachel’s own journey into the Father’s heart. The more she discovered about God’s goodness and grace the more she felt she was arriving Home, as a daughter of an amazing good God.

It is really worshipful in essence but also reveals new aspects of our Father’s love towards us in a singer/songwriter style with an hint of electro-pop! It will touch you...

Sample Tracks

I stand under the waterfall of your grace and mercy. You shower all your goodness and your love over me. Your perfect love casts out fear.
Life is a journey about discovering who we really are. Once I began to experience God's love and goodness as my Father, only then did I find myself arriving ... home.

Full Track list:

Shine on Me
No-one is beyond Your Grace
Perfect Love
To Drip of Your Goodness
Your Love
Who Shines Like the Sun
I found a Treasure
Impossible Dreams