Being hacked is when someone uses a computer to gain unauthorised access to data in your system. Last week I received an email requesting that I click a link, But there was something suspicious about the tone in which it was written, It just didn’t sound like the person. I concluded the person had been hacked, that this was a masquerade to gain further unauthorised access.

The sensitive soul is particularly vulnerable to the spiritual hack of the enemy. He will send a message, masquerading as a helper to hack in and gain unauthorised access to your time, priority, and dreams. He will try and get your attention and access by ‘helpful’ advice “don’t you think dreaming this big might lead to pride?” “isn’t it better to aim for something smaller instead of risking disappointment? He pretends to be your helpful friend but has no lofter goal than to hack, stab, steal, and destroy your dreams.

Once he has gained unauthorised access to your emotions he can then attempt to make you weary, tired, withdrawn, frustrated and irritated, which in turn will impact (hack) the relationships and atmosphere around you.

Just like in the natural hack the key moment is to discern the origin of the message. Is it really from that person? Is it safe to click the link? Holy Spirit has a tone, He speaks with words full of hope, even His correction is full of love, joy and peace. He is clear, specific, He isn’t condemning, vague, but focussed and lovingly direct. His words are full of confirmation, affirmation and empowerment.

If you feel at all suspicious about the source don’t give the message even partial access. Tell yourself “this sounds and feels like a hack, He’s my good shepherd, I know His voice, He’ll make sure I get it” Don’t entertain the message, immediately press delete, the best defence is immediate rejection of it.


Do not give the hacker access:- No more unhelpful introspection, self-criticism, self-protection and false humility. Do not digress, retreat, in order to find false peace. IT IS SAFE & LEGITIMATE TO DISMISS ACCUSATIONS. Trust in God’s ability to keep you, shepherd you, oversee, speak and be heard. Do not be afraid it is I, when you hear His voice it is always accompanied by peace. REST, CREATIVITY, REVELATION ARE LINKED TOGETHER IN A PROFOUND WAY. If you digress for false security, and click the hackers link you undermine the creativity and revelation required to Dream with God.


Jamie Lee, 14/10/2018