Where Dreams Begin 

Philippians 2v13 tells us that it is God who works in us, that He wills and acts to fulfill His good purpose. In other words that dream you carry was actually sparked by the great entrepreneurial visionary Father.

When dreaming with God, it is very easy to become entirely focused upon being intentional, strategic and stewarding the dream well. Now these are good traits to have, but leaning too heavily on self can easily lead to forgetting who the origionator actually is. God is the entrepreneurial spark behind your vision, and dream, indeed your whole being began first in the heart of God. You didn’t start yourself, you didn’t imagine you, so by logical extension nor did the dreams you carry start in your imagination. Ultimately your dream wasn’t birthed in your working and willing.

To see a dream realised we don’t have to lock horns with God, and others, we are not competing for God’s attention and His resources. Rather in the place of peace that comes from the settled realisation that this dream originally flowed from God’s heart to mine as a gift comes the revelation, it’s actually not about recruiting God and others to your dream. You don’t have to envision and convince God (what we often call prayer). Rather this dream is His unique gift.

Instead of striving, labouring and uncertainty begin to celebrate what He has placed within you, and instead of thinking its all about you making it happen simply ask for the grace to courageously be who He has made you to be, embrace the unique display He has called you to be. Receive His grace, and the activation to simply be the best you, you can be.

Understanding that it all began in God is crucial for approaching our dreams with godly confidence and expectation. If you are not the originator then nor are you the ultimate sustainer. Instead of grabbling to make something happen comes the decision to co-operate with His will and purpose.

However, whilst it all began with God, this is not about commands and orders. To dream with God is to prize and value relationship with God. He is the origionator of the dream but its discovery and exploration is through relationship. The ultimate goal of dreaming is to value His presence more than His promises. Thats what it means to transition from slavery to friendship. Slaves just want orders, clarity and definition of their dream so they can get on with doing the work. Friends want relationship. It’s about relational depth, loving God’s stuff first. In this place of intimacy He says “I love your stuff too”. It’s the beautiful exchange where His dreams become ours and our dreams become His.


Jamie Lee, 29/07/2018