Dreams birthed in worship* 

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 36:4

When you desire God first, He gives you permission to desire other things too. When you desire first a relationship with Him, He liberates you to have dreams and desires.

Something happens to a person who is intensely connected to the presence, heart and purpose of God. Their relationship isn’t defined by their dreams and desires being fulfilled but at the core is the longing for intimacy and connection.

As worship, intimacy and connection remain their first priority and chief delight, God looks over their shoulder and days “Son/daughter I noticed you looked at that, longed for this and it would be my dream to provide that for you”.

He wants us to know what kind of Father He is. Even the things we wouldn’t even ask and pray about, things we consider too insignificant. He says “because it interests you my child, it interests me the good Father”.

This Psalm is also a reminder concerning the source of delight and how to ignite it in your heart. The psalmist is inviting the reader to bring delight to yourself through your enjoyment of God. In this relationship He will actually birth dreams and desires in you. Desires not there by His command, but through relationship.

Dreaming is not about idolatry, greed or materialism. It’s about heart to heart connection. Where in the depth of relationship He highly values our dreams, desires and enjoyment.

It’s amazing how people who are free to dream actually have more dreams fulfilled.

Based on a talk given by Bill Johnson, Bethel TV, Sunday April 18 2016


Jamie Lee, 05/11/2017