Don't take yourself too seriously* 

When we Dream with God it is so important that we don’t take ourselves so seriously. Many believers take their role in seeing their dream fulfilled totally upon their own shoulders. Finding it hard to relax, rest, and simply trust the good Father to work it out with them perfectly.

The following is adapted from an interview with Bill Johnson.

The good Father would say to us*.

“Don’t take yourself so seriously, relax, you don’t need to be so intense. You need to unstring your ‘bow’, if you don’t allow the bow to rest straight, without the tension of the string it won’t maintain it’s strength. If you leave the bow strung all the time, it conforms to that shape and no longer has any tension in it. You need to learn to let your spiritual guard down, so that you can enjoy the aspects of life in front of you. Grab the moments in front of you. Lay aside being so self critical. You have faced lots of self imposed discouragement, discouragement birthed out of your hunger for me. Because what you are hungry for isn’t close to what you are currently experiencing, the only conclusion you’ve come to is to criticise yourself hoping that humility would get you where you need to be. That is counterfeit. It might cause you to pray a lot, but most of your prayer and focus is about you. All three year olds think that the world rotates around them, your prayer life is a good marker of your maturity. I will never turn you away, I’ve listened to every moan and groan. I don’t need you to confess sins you never did just to cover your back. You don’t need to live with a critical, conscience that says “you may of thought it and done it, better check” The seasons where the critical conscience is the most intense is the least productive. The season where you don’t do the introspection thing are the most productive. Fruit is testifying to you the effectiveness of your thought life”.

*Based upon an interview with Bill Johnson, iBethel TV, Bethel Family Weekend, March 12, 2016.  

Jamie Lee, 02/10/2016