inheriting promises 

A very important question to ask when you recieve a propheitic word from God  is what qualifies you to inherit that promise? Is it what you see, your personality, your resources, and circumstances. It is your determination to walk in the promise? is it the opinions of people? 

Often the circumstances that surround a promise contradict the promise from God. Take for example Abraham, he is called the father of multitudes when he doesn't even have a son. The promise totally contradicted his present reality. Indeed he was completely unable to fulfill the promise, he was old and Sarah his wife was barren.  Yet through a name change from Abram (exalted father) to Abraham (Father of multitudes) he began to call himself and be called by the promise. when God gives you a promise He is effectivily changing and up-grading your identity.  God says to the beliver  "I have called you to a ridiculously fruitful" Right now you maybe only can see the promise, or maybe buds, or small amounts of fruit. But when God looks at your future He sees branches laden with abundant fruit.

To inherit the impossible promise requires a step of faith much like Abraham's, there needs to be the decision to allign with the identity God has given through His prophetic promise even before there is any evidence or manifestation. The question is will you take the posture, stature and persona of a richly fruitful person NOW before the full manifestation? That's what God calls faith and that's what pleases Him.

To totally trust His promise and the identiy He gives is It not presumption. Rather it is behaving in allignmment with what He Has said. Often we deeply struggle with this because we want the fruit to be there before believing His identity statement  We want the name change, and identity shift to be validated first by our circumstances, instead of being initially totally based upon a promise. We think the fruit will validate and prove the prophetic identity.  But God doesn't work that way round, rather He says "call yourself by my assessment of you before there's evidence, do it now by faith and that obedience will be the catalyst for the fruit appearing".

With God it has to be this way round because He doesn't want our confidence, and assurance and faith to be in the plaudits and approval of man, or in any way based on the idea we did it for God, rather He wants our faith to always be in the God who promised.  This kind of faith is what will wonderfully and fully set you free from the fear of man, producing longevity and wonderful freedom.

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Jamie Lee, 17/06/2018