Delcarations to establish a healthy conscience


One of the main methods Jesus and the apostles used in the gospels and Acts was to SPEAK TO things. You will notice that they did not ask God to heal people, cast out demons, or raise the dead, but they spoke to bodies, demons, the wind, etc. Jesus encouraged us to speak to mountains in Mark 11:23. This set of declarations specifically focuses on speaking in order to establish a healthy conscience, free from the accusing voice established through trusting, surrendering and yielding to who God promises to be for us.

Today Before I listen to any voice,  I always ask who is speaking to me right now? I resist and refuse any voice that leaves me hopeless, fearful, heavy, joyless, denied, negated or demotivated.
I declare today that my Father doesn't lead me through fear, and intimidation but guides, leads and directs me through love expressed in kindness, patience, affirmation and confirmation.
Today I declare that your voice is kind, you are not a a harsh, critical, overly strict, punishing nor hypersensitive. But you are kind, patient, and tender, a Father who builds me up in love. (1 Cor 8:2; 1 Cor 8:7
Today I invite Jesus to be the umpire of my mind to settle with finality all controversy that arises in my thinking. (Col 3:15)
God's voice always brings hope, motivation, joy, peace, and when He speaks energy is ignited.
Even when God brings correction and transformation it always comes with Hope because that is who He is, the God of all hope. (Romans 15:13)
I have a sound mind. Today, I will think the right thoughts, say the right words, and make the right decisions in every situation I face (2 Timothy 1:7).
Today I celebrate all steady steps, process and progress. It's doesn't have to be perfect for me to give thanks. Through thanks giving I keep me eyes focused outwards and upwards.
One moment of relationship with the Father, one moment of His favour can do more than a life time of striving.
I don't constantly look at myself because my hope is not in me instead I am constantly looking at the finished work of the Cross, celebrating who I am in Christ and what Jesus has won for me.
Today I choose to yield, surrender and trust and so enjoy His shalom, peace and soul harmony. (Philippians 4, Colossians 3:15)
Today I declare that I don’t have to be desperate to encounter God, He’s not an abusive Father who withholds Himself from me. He is close. (Acts 17)
Joy is not a luxury option, joy is my constant companion.  Today I make the decision to let no anxiety, about anything distract and divide me from being joyful (Phil 4:6).
Today I declare that Holy Spirt is the sentry of my city,  He secures the city of life. He guards my life. He watches over me as the good shepherd of my soul. I Trust in God's ability to keep me, shepherd me, lead me, speak and be heard.
I declare that the ability to get me to see, hear and respond is Gods work too.  He overcomes any area of my deafness. 
Today I am becoming fully persuaded of Gods ability to lead, guide and protect. I don't lean upon your own understanding, nor find council in my own soul but trust in God with my whole heart.
When I don't feel it that's a crucial time because I get to rejoice by faith. I don't need to see something or feel something to know it is true."
I have an increasing posture of expecting God's goodness.
I have no need of excessive introspection, self-criticism, and false humility. I Do not digress, retreat, in order to find false peace. I fully know that IT IS SAFE & LEGITIMATE TO DISMISS all ACCUSATIONS.

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Jamie Lee, 23/09/2018