Prophetic promises 

When a church is building upon prophetic promises their priority is not just about having a go to see how things turn out, rather they live with the expectation birthed in the truth God has a plan for us. For us as a local church the prophetic promises carry the revelation and perspective that small churches can change the world. 120 were invited to the upper room to first enjoy the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit and not the 3,000 who were subsequently saved (Acts 1-2)  Promises catapoult us from just thinking in terms of survival to the expectation of fruitfulness.

We need to know that God doesn't hide anything from his friends, but reveals His plans and purposes.  Our Identity needs to be formed and gained from paying attention to what His voice is saying about his plans. His voice infuses us with grace, and by focussing upon His voice we are guarded from talking oursleves out of what He has promised. We become Big People when we believe His assessment. (1 Timothy 1:18). The Prophetic launches us to become everything God intended us to be. (Mighty man of valour Judges 6:12)

Believing His promises creates crazy hope for people and places. His voice causes us to realise that our best days are ahead. We are more prepared and equipped than we know. You have Divine approval. Go in this might of yours (Judges 6:14)

Believe and plan for fruit in the new season and don't look back. Favour and promises give permission to rejoice, relax and partner with God in celebration. 


Jamie Lee, 04/07/2016