From scarcity to enough 

In 2 Kings 7:1 we read an account of serve famine, and scarcity.  People  are paying a large amount of money for a donkey's head, or doves dung. Yet in the midst of poverty, and lack there is a promise that by tomorrow there will be enough. 

The prophetic word always creates tension between today’s reality and tomorrows promise. This happens because God's dreams are always impossible for us to do without his strength, wisdom, capacity and resources.  His promise often perplexe us and provoke us to ask how on earth is it possible to shift from scarcity to enough in a single day? 

In 2 Kings 7:2 we read that when the officer hears about the promise he is completely bound by logical reason, he concludes, "If I don’t know how it can happen in a day then it’s not possible". Sometimes we find ourselves exhausted in our pursuit of God's promises because we are trying to do it for Him, according our own limited reasoning. God loves to puzzle us, He loves to gives us promises that create tension. He wants the questions to draw us to Him. He longs for us to trust in His ability to shift scarcity to enough in one day. 

Whilst God is perfectly able to sovereignly rain down food, (as He did in Numbers 11) He loves to weave his breakthrough into human activity. We are not passive observers of His activity. Four Lepers unaware of the prophetic purposes of God, look honestly at their circumstances and conclude, “If we continue to do what we have always done we are going to die, if we do nothing we will starve. We are not victims we have a choice. We need to embrace a new radical, risky, and counter intuitive move".

Be willing to ask yourself is there another mindset and action, maybe it's about deciding to forgive, serve, or give. There is the pain of yes and there is the pain of no. Is there something you could begin to do that would unlock your dream from God? Is there a new step that you could take that will move you from scarcity to enough in a single day? Ask Holy Spirit for wisdom. Is there a brand new thought about this promise, dream, and circumstance that you need to have?

That thought must result in fresh action. At dusk, the lepers got up and did something. There was action, there was practical application. Repentance mustn’t remain merely theoretical, it needs to look like something. For the lepers it meant leaving a dead end alley, and facing the fear of walking into the enimies camp.

Goodness and mercy will meet you in the camp of your enemy. As you face your fear, and obey His voice you will find yourself living in the reality of Psalm 23, He will prepare a table, a feast for you there. You will find riches of freedom, a place of good news. This is good-news isn't just for you, dreams fulfilled become a tree of tree for others too. This crucial step of obedience will lift the 'siege' and 'famine' both for you and for very many. As you move from scarcity to enough your testimony will be the key to unlocking and releasing others.

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Jamie Lee, 17/06/2018