Faith filled perspective (Preach Notes)

Numbers 13v25-33 There’s a big promise, and the people are on the very brink of having it, it's almost time to come into their purpose and destiny. Their nomadic journey from Egypt to their own place is almost over. They are about to live their dream, becoming a people who would both plant and harvest. They would have dignity, value and worth. Things that seemed utterly impossible when they were harshly treated slaves.  Moses has told them to have a look at their inheritance, and bring back a report. Twelve spies enter the land, ten come to a totally different conclusion to Joshua and Caleb.

For the ten the problems were bigger than God. Yes they saw that the land had good things, but became totally fixated upon the negative circumstancs. They were terrified by the strong and powerful people, Anak v29, (gigantic warriors 7-9 ft tall), they were initimidated by the large fortified cities. With minds fixed upon the challeges, they came to a place where they simply refused to believe. They Questioned both God’s power and willingness to bless them with His promised inheritance. Fear drove their outlook "We are not able" "They are stronger" (v31-32).  They used words to paint a bad picture (bad report) of the problems, and obstacles. They wanted everyone to join them in their unbelief. It's not just a land with threat, the very land itself is bad, its a  devouring land. They were overwhelmed with worry, worry can be defined as imagining your future without God. They had totally forgotten where they had come from, what God had done, and now fantasied about becoming a slave again. 

Joshua and Caleb saw same things, the obstacles, faith isn’t blind, it's not whistling in the dark, it doesn' need to deny, it can be real. But faith can also see what God is doing. Faith can see that in order to inherit God's promises there must be courage, their must be trust and their must be obedience.  They saw the fruit, that it was exceedingly good, and that the land was in fact great place. They saw truth that was higher than their circumstances. “We can certainly do it” v31. confident expectation God will lead us, he delights in us He will give it. Caleb broke out of the unbelieving pack because he had A different spirit. He had a revelation of God. Trust and confidence in God gives a hope mindset.  

Courage, risk and faith is always birthed out of a relational connection with God. When you see who He is you discover who we are. Caleb and Joshua saw themselves as conquers. The 10 spies saw themselves as grasshoppers, victims. They projected their personal conclusion and interpretation onto the giants. "We are grasshoppers, we are tiny and ultimately eatable,  we are shrimps, in comparison. We are a mouthful. And thats how they see us too”. Caleb and Joshua came to a very different conclusion They are bread for us 14v9. 

Need to see ourselves from God’s perspective. We are the hope of SE18. Starts by imagining “we can do it”. He will back up our response to His promises our obedience, risk, and faith 


Jamie Lee, 28/12/2015