Being Fully Persuaded 

Father God says to you.

"You are becoming fully persuaded of my ability to lead, guide and protect. Instead of leaning upon your own understanding, finding council in your own soul you are trusting me with your whole heart. You are learning that it's not important to understand how I do this but to be persuaded I have the power, and the loving motivation to do it. When you don't feel it that's a crucial time because you get to rejoice by faith. Your faith is not in your ability to get it, hear or be open, but my commitment to do what I have promised. (Faith is agreement with God that gives you access to his realm) This revelation is where rest is birthed.  

The ability to get you to see, hear and respond is my work too. And your up-grades in faith are increasingly pleasing to my heart. I give it and then I rejoice in what is being established.  You have an increasing posture of expecting my goodness. I love what's going on in your life". 

Jamie Lee, 28/09/2015