Generosity Part 2 (Preach Notes) 

Topic of giving money pokes and prods us. The topic of money can expose our heart. It's like a spiritual M.O.T. An examination of our inner world. It's an MOT that can Highlight any Rocks and choking (Mark 4:19). Money as boss leads to hating, despising God. (Luke 16:13) Generosity accelerates the removal of limits and constraints. Breaks self-reliance, poverty spirit, any sense of being insignifcant and invisible.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable about the topic of generosity. You might be asking "Jesus why are you driving me along generosity Road"? When you look at the topic of money don’t go through the motions. Ask Holy Spirit what’s going on? What's the truth? What do I do about that?  Don’t give out of fear, legalism. 
Whatever you do first give yourself to God (2 Cor 8:5). The unexpected generosity we read about in the Macadonian Church, their giving beyond their ability, their experience of overflowing joy was birthed in their unreserved love/devotion/worship of God.

Our experience rests upon what we truly believe. Must Move us from foundation of fear To a foundation of the Father.  A big view of God, His love, generosity and His resources/provision, this revelation lead's to willing, eager, free, cheerful, faith filled hilarious generosity. 


Jamie Lee, 06/04/2015