Generosity Part. (Preach Notes) 

Realisation and revelation of who we are. As a church we are appointed to bring cultural transformation. “The call upon this church is much bigger than we can see, a destiny to  impact nations”. A vital part of entering our calling and destiny is stepping through a door marked greater influence through generosity.

Poverty not is just an economic problem, it’s a mindset, a heart issue. a lens through which we see the world. You can see the poverty mindset on dsiplay in an all you can eat Chinese Buffet. People load their plate with every food out of fear of lack, the fear of there not being enough. It can be made manifest in feeling like a victim, believing oneself to be powerless. The poverty mindset can leave a person feeling invisible and insignificant. The sense of whatever I do it won’t work here! 

Transformation begins by first establishing counter cultural soil. The yeast of generosity first starts to work in our own heart. Mark 4:19. Weeds and radical trust competing for the same soil. Generosity Guards and protects the soil and  stops us putting trust in money. Stops the heart despising the seed from God and in turn choking the life out of the seed. When money is loved  (see Luke 16:13). we become mastered, slaves, in submission, dependant, and ultimately worship money. Giving  is a powerful way to guard our own heart.

Generosity overcomes poverty of soul. Freedom from poverty mindset. 3 John 1:1-4. genersoity is part of the means of establishing a prosperous soul, a healthy inner life. It leads to Gratitude and contentment. Spiritual Health Accelerates removal of limits and constraints. Sets higher spiritual temperature.  Generosity then works through corporate soil and overcomes  hopelessness and helplessness.

How to express generosity 2 Corinthians 9:6-12. God loves Intentional, willing, eager, free, cheerful, Not dutiful reluctant grudgingly in heaviness seeing God as a burden, I am not commanding you 8v8 you give what you have decided.

We step out into this by faith. It’s easy to be generous/give away when you can see you have a lot. You don’t get to see what God can supply until you begin to give away. Giving is an adventure.  The measure you use will be measured to you. According to what you have. 8v7 

Jamie Lee, 30/03/2015