eVERY bLESSING EPHESIANS 1:3 (Preach notes) 

Many of us have a strong and fearful reaction to a curse, because we find it easier to imagine curses, there is  fearful anticipation  that whatever I do everything will go wrong. Ephesians 1:3 tells us that the Christian is blessed with every spiritual blessing. The believer cannot live simultaneously cursed and blessed. Why? We Raised with Christ (Eph 1:20; 2:6) and positioned in Him in the place of all authority.

Our biggest weakness, vulnerability is in our expectations and mindset. To enjoy freedom and the reality of our blessed state we must believe No weapon forged against you can prevail. Being blessed breaks the power of fear, anxiety, passivity, fatalism.

You are under a blessing. Under His favour, kindness and protection.  You have God’s forgiveness, approval, adoption, His support, provision. He likes, prefers is partial towards you. Which means He shield’s and shelter’s you. Anticipate His blessing/kindness in every area of your life, family, marriage, work, finances, health.

Yet not living in a place of entitlement, I deserve this, having a right to what I want in my timing, and my way.  Not putting God in a box. Your blessed identity is not rooted in circumstances but is found in identity as a much loved son.

In this life we will have trouble. Why? Blessing gives purpose and an assignment, a calling to extend the Kingdom. Blessing enables,empowers us to carry solutions to problems. Subduing chaos, overcoming, transformation. Because you are blessed you will be a blessing.


Jamie Lee, 23/02/2015