Hebrews 2: 1-4


The writer is urgent, he’s saying pay attention, listen to this, have you really understood what I’ve just told you? Like with a child we might “say look at me”, do you understand? To stop the drift and neglect he reminds them of certain vital truths. 




God gave the law that He might lead people into life, if you’ll do these things, and walk in my ways I’m going to bless you. It also had another function it revealed the state of people’s heart, exposing rebellion. He also gave us the law to show us we couldn’t keep it? Our badly wired hearts couldn’t do it. The law highlighted and revealed our need of a saviour. The law took us by the hand and led us to Christ. Here is one who can remove your sins, and give you a new heart and mind. Promises made in the Old Testament kept in the person and work of Jesus. 




Before it was like a King delegating His servants to tell people how to live, now the King comes in person and shows and enables. The one who is speaking and offering life isn’t someone delegated by God, an angel or a mere man, The offer comes directly from God Himself. Jesus the King wants to lead you into life. 

So in light of our need of a saviour, and because it is God saying come and be forgiven, come be made right. The writer asks this important question to men and woman under pressure, drifting off from Christ. It’s not a threat it’s a question: What are we going to do if we neglect this offer? Where else are you going to go? What other option do you have? Where are you going to get salvation like this? Are you going to become your own saviour, Are you going to try and fix yourself? And to us who might find ourselves just drifting along the river, neglecting to pay attention to Jesus? The question is: Where else are you looking? Is it your husband your wife? Is it your job? Is it your children? Good things, but not designed to take the weight of being your saviour. Where are you going to get an better opportunity than the God of the universe inviting you in? I want to bless you, come follow me. 

Maybe you have stopped pursuing Him like you used to. Just going through the motions, drifting off to sleep spiritually. The writer shouts wake up. And waking up, paying attention, ceasing to drift and neglect doesn’t begin by you saying I’m going to change this and do that, rather it’s coming again to Jesus and saying I need your help. Help me return to the things I did at first.

Jamie Lee, 16/02/2015