Vision Sunday Part 1 (Preach Notes)

2 Kings 7:1 Today famine, Donkey Head, Doves Dung. Tomorrow the promise of abundance. The prophetic word always creates tension between today’s circumstances, and today's reality and tomorrows promise. 2 Kings 7:2 Officer Bound by logical reason. If I don’t know how then it’s not possible. God loves to puzzle you.

Whilst God is perfectly able to sovereignly rain down food, Numbers 11 He loves to weave his breakthrough into human activity.

Four Lepers unaware of the prophetic purposes of God. Desperation leads them to entertain an honest assessment. “If we continue to do what we have always done we are going to die. We are not victims we have a choice. A new radical, risky  Counter intuitive move. 

Be desperate enough dare to ask is there another mindset/action, maybe it's about deciding to forgive, or serve, or give etc. There is the pain of yes and there is the pain of no.

Corporately what does it mean for CCK to love our community? Is there a brand new thought we need to have?

That thought must result in fresh action. At dusk, get up and go. Desperation leading to facing your greatest fear, Repentance mustn’t remain merely theoretical. 

Goodness and mercy will meet you in the camp of your enemy. Psalm 23  He will prepare a table, a feast for you there. You will find riches of freedom, a place of good news.

This is good-news we can’t keep it to ourselves” This crucial step of obedience will lift the siege and famine for very many.


Jamie Lee, 26/01/2015