The Whale Ship Essex (Preach notes) 

1819 Whale ship Essex was hit by a Sperm Whale. 20 me got into 3 boats. The men had two options. The best life giving option provoked the most terrifying/vivid/fearful images in their imagination. Cannibals. They pictured coming ashore only to be eaten.The second option, subtle less vivid.  Starve to death and sail to South America. The fear they chose to listen to would govern whether they lived or died. 

Everything in life is a risk. Everything can paint a picture in our imagination. Numbers 13:26 Two accounts. The fear we listen to dictates our decisions.

Saying yes to His assignment/assessment. Loving God and people. That’s where there’s most suspense. Fear tells us a story. We imagine frightening things, vivid images. What if I fail? Nothing happens? If I give I might lack. If I love, share opinions/feelings I might be rejected.

The men in the story chose the subtler less dramatic fear. After two months at sea they ran out of food, and were still quite far from land. When they were picked up less than half the men were left alive. Didn’t listen to subtle warning. They probably would of all survived if they had conquered their fear/imagination.
There’s another story, a more subtle fear, less dramatic. It doesn’t grip our imaginations with suspense. There’s the risk of playing it safe. Jesus said If you try to keep your life for yourself, you’ll lose it.” 

Not apparent giants. We easily choose to ignore it’s warning. Being a man pleaser instead of a God pleaser. Trusting self-instead of God. Withdrawal instead of connection. Hiding gift. Not giving. This should provoke a right fear of drifting into mediocracy, playing it safe is actually more dangerous.

Saying yes to God’s definition of normal is where life is. We only know we carry something when we risk releasing it. 1 Samuel 14:6 Maybe, Perhaps, lets see. Daniel 3:17. Whatever happens we belong to Him. Love looks like something

Risk is how the invisible is made visible. Believing you have something before you see/have it. Risk & Faith Creates a landing strip for His love and Kingdom to land. Oppression broken, justice, peace, joy, God’s presence, healing, comfort. 


Jamie Lee, 26/08/2014