Overcoming Disappointment 

Be honest with God, not trying to be presentable to God, never wear a mask before God. Be honest, but Not accusing God of doing anything bad. God is always good. Take time with the Lord by yourself, and be gut level really honest. It looked to me that you let me down, I know in my heart of hearts that I wasn’t betrayed, but I felt you didn’t back me up. I don’t have to understand, but I must have your peace, Sorry for building a case against you, I’ve been declaring that unbelief was legitimate. Build a life of short accounts, dealing with the issues the heart, take care of your heart, resolve issues before the sun goes down.

Then worship, Celebrate, physically, verbally in the very area that is being questioned/challenged by your circumstances. When we make an agreement with heaven, heaven invades. Put it into song, heaven always responds when you bring yourself out as a living offering. Darker the cloud the more extreme the expression of worship. Worship because it’s the right thing to do, as you decide to rejoice in Him you receive joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances. 
Jamie Lee, 05/08/2014