Salvation and Righteousness Part 5 

If your peace with God is based on your performance your strong belief, hunger levels, trust, commitment to Him, your spiritual sorrow for sin, then you are not depending on Christ, and His work on your behalf.  You are intact Looking to a distortion, that is no gospel at all: His blood makes us clean so we can enjoy restored relationship, secure in our identity, and his love. You are a child of a really good God. Father God says “With you I am well pleased”. Galatians 4v5.The gospel is the power-house for radical personal growth, obedience and love.  Transforming hearts, our thinking. 


Stop self-improvement you are ALWAYS qualified to receive.  He’s your perfection. You are complete in Him. It’s the gospel that generates an outward flow of love and power to the community.

Jamie Lee, 15/07/2014