Relaeasing The Supernatural Part 2 

What are we are doing as a church to develop a culture that releases the supernatural?

Leaders are responsible to nurture an environment that both encourages and necessitates risk. Risk, crossing our individual chicken lines is crucial for in growing in the supernatural. 



Intimacy:- Faith is a by-product of hanging out with Jesus. Our faith wavers, his faith doesn’t. Where are you going to put your faith, put it in Him, seeing things from His perspective. If I see it from mine I come up short. Stay in the place of simplicity, looking into His eyes. Believing that without exception that it is always His will to heal. Being very black and white about this. Being absolutely confident about His will. You can’t pray for a person out of abundance if you are not sure about His will to heal.

Make room:- Its important that At CCK we make room for the supernatural. The more we make room for the supernatural when we gather, the more it will happen naturally elsewhere and become a lifestyle. “Whatever we value, we will see more of. If we value releasing the supernatural we will see more of it. Even though we may not be able to see, hear, or feel initially, we believe because the Word says the supernatural is present.

?Testimonies:- Testimonies communicate what is possible, and if God will use one person in that way He will use us as well. We instinctively know that we are designed to demonstrate the Kingdom; therefore testimonies stir up faith and expectation. God is no respecter of persons! If He’ll do it for one person He’ll do it for you too. That is why we start every meeting with good news.

Not By Works:- It’s not trying harder to be supernatural by the Flesh. This is the topic of Galatians 3. Not just you trying harder, but action and activity flowing from a transformed Worldview. We simply believe by faith. The renewed mind is like the river banks, with the river flowing with the ‘gift of faith’ If you want to do something different you have to believe different and subsequently act differently. What we really believe is seen in our action.  Out of a transformed mind, out of knowing our position with God, action and activity will flow naturally supernaturally. It's not that hard to be anointed, even a handkerchief can do it (Acts 19) More you believe the more you will experience. 
Jamie Lee, 24/06/2014