Kingdom Culture 

Valuing His Presence Part 2. What would happen to a baby if it determined its future by its past? What if a newborn thought,  “I’ve never walked before I don’t have the gift of walking, or when I tried to talk nobody understood me, I’m not meant to talk”, in reality babies determine their future by looking at their parents.

For the person who is born again and it is biblically illegal to use your past/present circumstances to determine your future. Rather, we are called to look at God to see where you are going and what we are becoming 2 Cor 3:17. In Christ we start with Glory. John 17:22. We satrt with new 'DNA'. 

Transformation happens by contemplating and looking thoughtfully for a long time at God. He is the standard. Growing from glory to glory is your ministry. Not dirty to less dirty. Christian, you are being transformed to be like Him, Think like Him, Act Like Him.

As we behold we reflect. Fruit/gifts of the Spirit are you leaking glory. We only know we carry something when we risk releasing it. A Child has to risk speaking, crawling, walking, running. Maybe you haven’t raised the dead yet, but we can say, but I will, because when I look at my I see that's when he does. And as I look at Him I'm being transformed into His image. I'm increasingly doing the things that Jesus did. ACTS 10:38

God calls us to Grow up and become child like (Matthew 18) Children haven’t lost adventure and wonder. Holy Spirit gives freedom to experiment and explore. Everybody rejoices in babies attempts to walk. Babies are so convinced its in in them to walk that they don’t get discouraged and stop trying. Must become increasingly fully convinced we will do the signs that follow those who believe, and not grow weary and discouraged as we learn to walk in them.

Mustn’t live fearing that he has left because we fell over in trying to walk. When kids do well PARENTS interact, when they mess up THEY interact. relax and go again. He’s not up-tight if don’t get it. He celebrates progress.

Jamie Lee, 15/04/2014