Lent Negativity Fast Week 4 

"Repenting From or Repenting To." 

The word repent means:
Re - Again, anew, back or backward
Pent - the highest place (as in penthouse)

Therefore, repentance means to go back to the highest place of thinking. It's about more than seeking forgiveness; it is to go higher in our thinking. To turn from one course of thinking to another.

Rather than trying to avoid negative thinking, how are you sowing into your future with your declarations. What different direction or course of thinking are you choosing. 

Take a minute to ask yourself, "What am I repenting TO - not only from?"
When I remove the negative thinking of "cant's, comparisons, shoulds, etc.," what brilliant thoughts will take their place?
Take a moment to remember why you are doing this. 
Lastly, be encouraged, more is happening in you than you realize. 

Bless you on your journey! Keep going strong.
Jamie Lee, 25/03/2014