Spiritual Adoption Part 2 The two sons

Two sons both alienated from their father.
Younger: Ran, squandered, sinned, shame. Pain and Hunger drove him home, not relationship. Felt unworthy to access the benefits of relationship. I want Him to know I feel bad.
The father completely ignores his plea of unworthiness. The invitation to enjoy intimacy, connection, son-ship, inheritance. Won/purchased by Jesus. Your sense of un/worthiness is irrelevant. I am satisfied, persuaded, convinced. I choose to love
Holding onto Feeling unworthy will hinder the flow. Self-imposed limits. Resisting His invitation. We must repent of any obstacles in our heart, daily full agreement. God delights, finds us irresistible. Celebrates you when doing well, when could do better. Rest in Jesus’ work
Elder brother: Loyal. Obedient. Faithful. Dutiful Hard-working. Yet His mindset blocked him from experiencing the Fathers love. I slaved for you. Joyless, fear based obedience.
Performance attitude lived and breathed work not relationship.  Led to competing, comparing, jealousy, (fattened calf), insecure, and critical. Condemning/judgemental. Rejected Unable to celebrate, avoiding intimacy. Angry/superior refused to go in.
Nothing can separate us from His love, but working for it can block the experiential flow. (Galatians 3) Confidence by effort.
It wasn’t His works that positioned Him to enjoy All I have is yours. Rather His Access was through relationship.
All sons have full access to His house you just need to ask, you have full access to His presence you just need to receive. 

Jamie Lee, 20/09/2013