The Power of His Resurrection and me...

A couple of years ago I read “ God’s Generals” by Roberts Liardon, it is full of great biographies and lessons. The next two quotes got me thinking hard!

“ Every ministry should have signs and wonders following it. If not, the ministers are just playing with the ministry. If your ministry is following the commands of Jesus, then signs and wonders will follow you.” p.73
“ His ambassadors must stop all the contention, all hair-splitting theories must be dropped… Paul says preaching has to be with demonstration of the Spirit and Power…let the Word go forth in demonstration and power so people can see what God has for them.” Maria Woodworth-Etter, Sermon Neglect Not the Gift that is Within Thee., p. 66

So, I’m thinking…

I am amazed at how much time I spent discussing theories and methodology on how to do church and at the same time, how little I see the power of God in action.

Surely if Jesus is alive as we believe He is, surely if He is in us as we believe He is, we should see more kingdom manifestations, conversions, transformed lives, healing, miracles.

Jesus, the “Author of life” could not be kept in a tomb, he has been raised up, having defeated both death and sickness. He is Alive today. His resurrection proves that the Gospel is true (Acts 17:31).
What the death and resurrection has accomplished for me needs to challenge my thinking, my behaviour and lifestyle.
Rachel Lee, 20/01/2019